Many women have a daily routine. From waking at a certain time to eating the usual breakfast and taking regularly scheduled exercise classes, women have parts of their days that they can count on to be consistent. Doe Deere is no different. Deere is the CEO and founder of the beauty line, Lime Crime, a vegan company that offers cruelty-free hair dyes and cosmetics. Deere’s daily routine has helped her adapt to busy CEO life while also allowing her time for herself and her beloved pets.


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Waking Up

Deere is sentimental. After she awakes at 8:30 sharp each morning, she likes to take time to appreciate the little things. Any given morning, she can be caught peacefully gazing out the window to enjoy the view of the lush nature just outside her home. After her mind is relaxed and ready for the day, she prepares her body. A few quick stretches fully wakes her limbs, and a full glass of water ensures that her skin and body remains hydrated to combat the dry Los Angeles climate.

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What’s For Breakfast?

Deere believes in a cruelty-free lifestyle. Her company makes beauty products that are cruelty-free, and she, herself, does not eat meat.

Grains and fruit fill her belly every morning. Because she has drunk a full glass of water by breakfast time, she isn’t terribly hungry and is able to eat light. In her backyard is a beautiful orange tree. From this tree, she picks fresh oranges that are filled with healthy vitamin D and squeezes them into a glass. Her light breakfast is complete.


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Time For Herself

Deere is a makeup expert and enthusiast. That being said, applying makeup is one of her favorite times of the day. After Deere applies foundation – which is the base for any makeup regimen – she sets her foundation and eagerly reaches for blush and lipstick.

Reaching for these two items is an exciting moment for her because it allows her to channel her creativity. Her creative juices always lead Deere to red or pink lipstick. After applying makeup, Deere is ready to kick back.


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Kicking Back

The Queen of Unicorns loves animals and has two furry friends of her own. They are her spoiled feline companions.

Deere spends time snuggling with them and showing them love while on her phone with her team. While chatting it up with her coworkers, she opens her Instagram page and other social media platforms to check out any new fashion trends that are on the horizon. Deere’s mind is relaxed, and she has taken time for herself. Now, duty calls.

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CEO Life

At 12pm, Deere bids farewell to her cats, grabs her purse and phone, and leaves her home to wave hello to her place in the beauty industry. An enjoyable, chatty lunch with her team is followed by business meetings. These meetings usually end around 6pm but sometimes run late into the night.

Discussing with her team her favorite topic, makeup, completes Deere’s day, and she crawls into bed to ready herself to do it all over again the following day.



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